Data Mi Celu History Technology



Apple, one of the most well-known mobile brands in the world, has marked a milestone in the history of these devices and here we will tell you a little about the first apple Celu.

Apple announces its first iPhone for January 2007 after many rumors that have already been around. It was introduced to the market on June 29, 2007 after its launch, such was the expectation that was generated about this Celu that long before it went on the market there were already people lining up to be one of the first owners of these devices, in addition, it was named by TIMES magazine as the invention of the year.


From its inception, the first-generation iPhone was a high-end phone and was released exclusively for Americans. One of the main features was its touch screen, which was a novelty for the time.It had a 480px x 320px LCD screen with an iPhone OS (IOS) 3.1.3 operating system, a 127MB RAM memory and a processor (Samsung ARM of 1176 to 412 MHZ) and had a single button, This set of features allowed for better interaction with the phone.

The first iPhone did not have a keyboard, but it did have a touch screen which allowed the phone to have an integrated keyboard that could be used vertically as well as horizontally. It had software and hardware well ahead of its time which allowed it to take 2 mega-pixel photos, it also had an integrated music player and without neglecting the ability to send voice and text messages. Last but not least, being able to use the internet service through the mobile data connection or Wifi and thus being able to use email to visit websites.


The phone was discontinued from the market in 2008 and stopped receiving software updates in 2010.

Undoubtedly this Celu will remain in the memories of all users who had the joy of being able to use it.