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Talk about the first cell phone dates back to April 3, 1973 when Mr. Martin Cooper, who was a Motorola executive at the time, made a call from the streets of New York to his main rival in the telephony sector, Joel Engel, who He worked for AT & T’s Bells Lab. Come on! I would have called my mom, but Mr. Cooper decides to be a troll with his competition, first cell phone call and first trolled with a call from this device.


This phone was the DynaTAC 8000x, it had dimensions of 33x 4.4 x 8.9 cm, weighed 1 Kilogram, its battery lasted 1 hour after 8 hours of charging… wait… 1 KILOGRAM of weight! It does not matter if the battery only lasted 1 hour, surely after a few minutes with this Celu in your hand you would already feel numb or your arm would cramp; As it would have been good if they were accompanied at once with hands-free headphones.

Although the first call was made in 1973, this phone only began to be marketed until 1984 when there was already a sufficient cellular network for them to function optimally, a network offered by the company Ameritech Mobile Communications who were pioneers in this service. In addition to the fact that these are marketed for the small amount of about $ 3,995 at the time and add to that the bill for calls, it was not on a cell phone for anyone.

And tell us, who would you have called with that first call?