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Nowadays one of the great smartphones is also an internet giant, we are talking, of course, about Google and its Android operating system, which at the moment has many versions and occupies 80% of the mobile market. worldwide, this is something we already know, but do you know which was the first Celu with this operating system?

In this post we tell you what it was and what we consider its main characteristics.


On October 22, 2008, T-MOBILE G1 was launched on the market, the first Google Celu with which we could call version 1.1 of the Android operating system, whose motto was printed on its back ‘Whit Google’


This Celu had a 3.2-inch screen with 320×480 pixels, although this was tactile, the device did not leave out the reliable physical buttons, it had a good response Trackball to navigate the screen, it also had a selection button.


As we said before, this device had a button and not only that, it had a physical keyboard with 48 backlit keys, which was shown by sliding the screen. This type of statement was very useful for the time since email handling was very popular.

This device weighed 160 grams, it was made of plastic, it had a loud voice, a 3 mega-pixel camera with autofocus, bluetooth and GPS, As for its software features, it had 193 mb of RAM memory and 256 mb of internal memory ( with a space to expand it with a micro SD), a Qualcomm processor and a simple but useful application store, characteristics that made it very competitive.

This Celu was not all the rage since there was a lot of competition at the time, but it did mark a milestone in the history of smartphones, since this operating system has become one of the most used to date.



And tell us, were you lucky enough to have one of these terminals?