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For us it is common to take selfies or take photos of the landscapes from our Cell phones, but this was not always the case, cell phones from before were used only to make calls, or send text messages, in some cases to play snake, but This changed and here we bring you the host of the first mobile phone with a camera that was only one, not 3 or 4 like the ones we see today. So we will tell the story of this device with the details that we consider most relevant.


In 1999, an innovative phone, the VP-210, arrived on the market, the new thing in this terminal is that it had a built-in camera that managed to take pictures with its 0.11 mega-pixel lens, and store a total of 20 pictures before its memory was full, it also had a back support so that the user could take photos himself.


The VP-210, also called the visual phone, was presented in Japan by the Kyocera company and although many companies had their designs they never took risks, this is how the design of this Celu was awarded to Daniel A. Henderson when he created the «Intellect» in the year 1993.

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This is how this terminal with the first low-definition camera and little storage, gives rise to the technology of the selfie that was used by other mobile brands such as Apple and Samsung, which took advantage of the advancement of technology both in the cameras and also such as storage, in order to get the most out of this new tool on phones.