Publishing rules

Rules for publishing stories on Mi Celu blog

The user must comply with the following rules at the time of submitting their story and non-compliance with them will bring about certain results depending on the rule that is violated.

To send us the story you must be over 14 years old.

When sending the story in the name and surname section, you should not include profanity.

 At the time of sending the story in the name and surname section, it should not be offensive in any sense, meaning that the combination of these two boxes or individually a meaning is obtained that may become offensive to one or more people. 

If the user wants to be published anonymously, they can let them know by putting anonymous both in the first and last name and in the body of the story text.

If the story contains rudeness, it can be censored by content administrators, but if it dominates displays of hatred towards anyone, it will be discarded in its entirety.

If the story becomes too fanciful, it can be discarded by content managers.

All the stories will be read by the content moderators and they will be the ones who make the final decision on the publication of the story.

If one or more mistakes are made, the story can be discarded in its entirety.

These rules are subject to change as necessary.