Policies and privacy

For Mi Celu Blog, from now on the blog, your data is very important, therefore we do not force our users to register to tell us their story, we ask for your email as a medium; first to verify that you are a person and second to have a means of communication, with you our user, since we want you to know when your story will be published and that will only be done by email.

General description

In My Celu blog we only lost some basic data and these are requested because they are necessary for the storage of the stories, which are: Name, Surname and email.

Both the name and the surname are names are data that will not be published in the credits of the creator of the story in two specific cases:

  1. That the same user requests to remain anonymous, this must be communicated within the body of the same story.
  2. That the username breaks the rules of the site, either because the name is offensive in some way or because it includes profanity.

In any case, our content moderators will be the ones who make the decision whether, both the name and the story will be published on the blog.

The email will only be used as a means of confirming that the person who writes is a person and not a robot; Through this we will establish a communication with the user since an email will be sent to inform the publication of his story.

In addition, this email is used in the relationship in the name-history database and can be located in a search.

The following are the sections that the user accepts and explains when these are accepted:

By submitting the contact information, the user accepts our terms and conditions.

By submitting the contact information, the user accepts that the content administrator will initiate the process to publish their story.

By submitting data, the user agrees to be over 14 years of age.

By sending the story, the user exonerating the blog from any future demand for the advertising carried out since the user guarantees that the owner of it and by breaching it, the story can be eliminated to avoid legal problems

By submitting the data the user certifies that he is the owner of the email for future changes.

Since sending the data is not a user record, the blog cannot guarantee control of the data since they only generate a database of the blog itself.

If the user wants the history of it to be eliminated, they must write to us from the email that it was sent describing the reasons why and the feasibility of said elimination will be studied by the content moderators.

The cookies.

Cookies with text files, of little weight and size, with which websites, applications and advertisers store in the browser or on the device. The blog uses cookies and similar technologies for the purposes shown accentuation.

  • Determine the popularity of content in general or some specific content.
  • Remember the preferences and settings of the user within the blog.
  • Perform analysis of traffic and site trends to understand online behaviors and interests of people who interact with our services

Data sharing and disclosure.

The disclosure service that is managed in the blog only allows the disclosure of a couple of data if necessary, since we give our users the possibility of telling us the stories even anonymously which we guarantee when the user requires it, otherwise, in the publication, we will put the name provided by the user at the time of filling out the form as long as it does not violate the rules of the site


Therefore, the only data provided to the general public will be the name provided as the author of the narration and no other.



The blog may update this notice from time to time. If we make significant changes, we will notify users by submitting this form or by email to the most active and / or trading users.

We encourage users to periodically review this notice for updated information on our privacy practices.

Use of the blog after an update constitutes consent to the modified notice to the extent permitted by law.