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Continuing with the entry of IPhones Here we have more models of this iconic mobile brand. We go from the IPhone 7 to the 12.

We remember that here we tell you the ones that we consider most relevant and we will not talk about prices, since these vary a lot depending on the year, the country and who is selling them to you.

IPhone 7

2016 was a year of many rumors for Apple, since a new version of the iPhone was expected to be released on September 7 of that same year, in this new version the cameras, processor and screen were improved and removing the headphone input, confirming the rumors that to be able to listen to music to receive flames it would be necessary to have AirPods wireless headphones or an adapter for the audio Jack.



IPhone 8

This new version was achieved in 2017 with an HD screen, additionally new photographic filters were added in order to increase a better user experience. The iPhone 8 stood out for having a glass design and had a protection of an aerospace grade aluminum band and a wireless charging was integrated.


IPhone X

This new launch was scheduled to be on September 12, 2017 and which due to lack of time forced the Apple company to postpone its launch for two months, so, on November 3, 2017, the public was made aware that The new iPhone X was already on sale with some changes that would impress users since in that changes it was possible to show that its entire exterior was completely made of glass with a 5.8-inch super retina screen, facial recognition to be able to do easier the unlocking of the iPhone, wireless charging, animated emojis and the most important thing was the integration of an A11 Bionic Chip so that the performance of the iPhone improved and was more resistant to dust and water.


IPhone 11

In 2018 Apple presented the iPhone 11, the most notable thing that this new version had was its size and a new camera was added on the back and for the protection of the cameras a matte color camera protector was removed in addition to that These devices came in more varieties of colors.

It had new hardware on the XR and thanks to new capabilities with the wide-angle camera.


IPhone 12

The iPhone 12 was revealed in September 2020 which had an OLED screen with a 6.1-inch super retina XDR and the new CHIP A14 Bionic. An improved camera, this iPhone is focused on the 5G world and all the models of this new version have the compatibility with this new mobile technology.



And this would be all for now in the entry of the IPhone since, until this year, 2021, there are no more versions of the IPhone but surely there will be more because we are sure that this does not stop here and as soon as they come out we will make an entry for sure on Mi Celu Blog.