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Continuing with the entry of IPhones Here we have more models of this iconic mobile brand. We go from the IPhone 5 to the SE.


We remember that here we tell you the ones that we consider most relevant and we will not talk about prices, since these vary a lot depending on the year, the country and who is selling them to you.

IPhone 5

Tim Cook announced the new director and who will replace Steve Jobs. The new delivery had a 4-inch screen and a weight, much less than its previous versions, it could also be seen that it was thinner and much faster, which impacted the people who were at the Apple event in September 2012 in which it was announced.


IPhone 5s and 5c

In September 2013 Apple impressed people by delivering two new versions of their IPhone.

The 5s, a Celu that was much faster and in this you could see the integration of health applications, these came in three colors: gold, white and black. The 5c was a plastic IPhone that was much cheaper and had a variety of colors such as blue, green, pink and yellow; different from those who were already used to.


IPhone 6 and 6Plus

In 2014 it was the second year that Apple presented two devices at the same time, in both versions they had rounded edges, they were faster, cameras with more pixels and a variety of storage, the great difference between the two could be evidenced in the size of the screen since the iPhone 6 had a 4.7-inch screen and the iPhone 6 Plus had a 5.5-inch screen.


IPhone 6s and 6s Plus

In these new versions this Celu comes with built-in 3D touch, it recognizes the force and intensity with which we press the screen. In addition, how much of a 12 MP camera with advanced pixel technology that together with its flash help a lot to the quality of the images. In 2015, when these new versions were released, it could be seen that it was internally the most powerful phone to date.


IPhone SE

Announced in 2016, these devices gave their users the feeling of returning to one of their past versions, the IPhone 5, since they were quite similar in appearance and aesthetically, but this was not the case, since it had an Isight camera of 12 MP and internally it had improved a lot with a much faster Wi-Fi and had the ability to play videos in 4k.



And so far this article do not forget to review the rest of the entries so you can see the other models of the IPhone.