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One of the most popular devices that marked a milestone in the history of cell phones are those created by the Apple company that, since its birth in 2007, set the standard and are always a trend. Here we will only talk about the details that are the most relevant for us, therefore, we will not talk about prices, since these vary a lot depending on the year, the country and who is selling them to you.

Since IPhone has a very wide range of devices, here we will only talk about the first ones, from the IPhone 1 to the 4s, with this clarified we begin.

IPhone 1

The first iPhone was presented by Steve Jobs in 2007, it had a 3.5-inch screen and was very welcomed by people since it was tactile and that was a great novelty for the time, it could also be connected to the internet and it gave fluidity to navigate the web.

The launch date was announced for June 29, 2007, the most incredible thing is that people began to queue before this date in order to buy the first batch of IPhones, a fact that became customary for future generations of this brand ; This Celu came out in aluminum and black color.


IPhone 3G


In 2008 Apple launched a new phone that was slimmer, but unlike its predecessor, it was made of plastic and came in two colors, black and white. This Celu came with an innovative tool that took great advantage of the Internet connection, this instrument was with the new store, the App Store that allowed people to access a large number of new applications and in great increase.

Iphone 4

This fourth installment arrives in 2010 and with it, a great change in the design of the iPhone was evidenced since it was elegant and with functions that could far surpass the competition in its time. This Celu had a front camera, finding this, the origin of what we continue to use today is and is very popular, the selfie.


Iphone 4s

In 2011 Steve Jobs decided to resign as CEO due to health problems, which people worried as they feared that Apple products would decline in quality. A few weeks after Jobs’ resignation, the IPhone 4s was announced, this model arrives with 64GB of memory and brought with it a great novelty, as was customary in this brand, Siri, Apple’s intelligent assistant, voice controlled the idea with this assistant is being able to interact and perform different tasks.



And so far this article do not forget to review the rest of the entries so you can see the other models of the IPhone.