About us

This initiative is born from the need to know the opinion of ordinary people about their smart phone, and what better than to know about you that you use that Celu all day.


A while ago I wanted to buy a cell phone, but I did not want to be as a part of my friends who had the same brand and the same model because among them I had recommended it to

each other and as well as some of them worked the cell phone for their daily activities to others not, and I knew that if I followed that fashion I was going to be one of the group that I was not going to have that good experience , plus I didn’t want to be like when we were in high school we were all in uniform now with the same cell phone.

This led me to do internet searches on cell phone references, but only the references of the manufacturers came up in the search that, although 


they were useful, they only told me about the wonders that their devices can do, but I know that many of us look for something more than that, I know that there are many people, including myself, who want to know the real experiences of people who use that cell phone of that specific brand that you may be using at this time even to read this page.


For this reason and more, we invite you to tell us about that Celu that you are using at this moment, regardless of which model it is, the price of your device, whatever your gender, whatever your creed, whatever your nationality or your skin color.

We are sure that what you tell us will help other people to find out about a specific model of smartphone in different parts of the world.