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Tell us about your cell phone!

The smartphone went from being a luxury of a few to being a basic and easily accessible instrument that almost all people have (possibly you are reading this from one of these devices); and it is that the fact that phones integrate the functionalities of a computer made these have been popularizing every time, surpassing in sales to conventional basic phones.

Since we generate such an intimate relationship with our Celu; this because we review it on average 47 times a day 82 if you are between 18 and 24 years old, to the point of taking a lot of appreciation and above all get to know it very thoroughly who more than yourself to tell us the advantages and disadvantages, the good the bad and the ugly, among other things, of the specific cell phone you use.


Tell us about this and we’ll post it here!

 What Celu do you use?

What is the brand?

How long have you had it?

Usually what do you use it for?

Will the battery discharge fast?

Do you charge the battery 100% quickly?

Do they get slow?

Does it shut down or restart alone?


Do you take good pictures?

What is the status of your Celu currently?

Do you have a broken case?

Do you have a broken screen?

And yet is it still working for you?



Tell us all this and more, and if you want to share photos send them to us that we will also publish them you just have to adhere to the rules of the community.

By telling us this you can help other people to find a reliable reference of a specific reference of a phone and is who better a common person like you or me to tell us about our experiences with our Celu.